I’ve heard it said that if you eat slower, you will eat less. Growing up with ten brothers and sisters, I know that to be true. In fact, I suppose I can probably attribute the slender build in my youth to the struggle at the kitchen table for the biggest slice. I had dinner at a friends’ house one night and when they dished out ice cream I was amazed at my portion size when it didn’t have to be shared among so many.

Though my dad made a good income over the course of his life, just like our meals, it had to be divided 13 ways. I was often jealous of my friends who always seemed to have an abundance of nice things. I learned early on in life that if I wanted any extra “luxuries,” like new skates, another gas-powered toy airplane, or a matchbox car to add to my collection, I had to find a way to earn the money and buy them myself. In my childhood I viewed this as a tough lesson, but being forced to learn how to work, save and budget my own money was a priceless gift that has blessed my entire life.

In my career I have had the privilege of being closely involved in the financial lives of hundreds, even thousands of individuals and families. I have learned from those experiences that enjoying a financially successful life is largely the result of developing good financial habits. How much a person makes is far less important than what they do with what they make.

I view myself as a lifelong student and teacher. After graduating from university, I went on to obtain my designation as a Certified Financial PlannerTM. I consider the skills, and ethical requirements of the designation so critical that I require my associates at Wyson Financial to work towards theirs as well.

I love to write, as it falls under my love for teaching. Over my career I have written over 700 weekly columns for the USA Today Newspaper network. I have also published a book on investing as well as children’s books that teach principles of success that can be applied to all areas of life.

My main hobby is airplanes. I love flying them, watching them, reading about them, or dreaming of them. I have been fascinated my whole life with airplanes. I love the freedom an airplane offers as one can take you almost anywhere you want without really needing anyone’s permission. Financial success also brings freedom and like an airplane, that freedom is only obtained and maintained through a lifelong dedication to study and hard work.

Ultimately, pilots and financial advisors have the same goal. We have passengers who want to get from point A to B, as safely and comfortably as possible. Along the way we will often encounter turbulence and challenging weather which must be skillfully navigated in order to get our passengers safely to their destination. We recognize that they trust us with their lives, and we take that trust very seriously. Flying and investing involves various risks which pilots and financial advisors must manage very carefully.

Finally, but certainly most importantly, I have the great privilege of being married to the most amazing woman I have ever known. Together we share 12 children, some by birth and some by adoption. If you stop by our office you will have the privilege of speaking with some of them. We operate a family firm focused on helping other families learn how to develop good financial habits that will open the doors to their being able to do the things that are most important to them.