This children’s book by Dan Wyson, written under the pen name, Ule B. Wise, was the 2019 Purple Dragonfly FIRST PLACE AWARD WINNER!! The Gold Egg” is a beautiful read-aloud book written for children but with a message for any age. It is a story of courage, perseverance, and discovery.

The story begins as Devan and his friends are playing games near their favorite tree. An old man passing by tells the children that a gold egg lies in a nest at the top of the tree. The kids tease the man and go back to playing their games but Devan determines to find out if the story is true. Though the climb is difficult and at times painful, he eventually reaches the top. What he finds is not at all what he expected. Devan learns a very special lesson, known only to those who are willing to climb. Much like Dr Seuss’, “Oh the places you’ll go” This book is written for children k-12 but has been enjoyed by adults as well with its message of working for success.

Dan Wyson’s other children’s book, “The Magic Violin,” teaches young people to follow their dreams. Both are available on this website or directly from Amazon.com, as well as in our St. George office.

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The Magic Violin is the second book in the inspirational “Read with Me” series by Ule B. Wise. In beautiful poetic style it tells the story of Annalyn who loves listening to her Grandfather play his old violin and dreams of one day being able to make beautiful music herself. He tells her that the violin is magic but it wiil take time for her to learn how to make it work. After much effort, she learns that the magic of music is not in the violin but within herself. Annalyn learns that fulfilling your dreams comes from hard work, dedication and believing in yourself until one day you discover that special magic that lies within each of us.The “Magic Violin” will inspire children of all ages to pursue their dreams until they become a reality.

The beautiful illustrations in the book were drawn by Jaimee Lee, who also masterfully illustrated book one in this series. The age range of the book is K-6 but it is hoped that parents and other caring adults will take the opportunity to read this series with their child so that they may share together the lessons learned.

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21 Financial Myths is an eye opener to some of the most common mistakes made by investors. It is based on real life stories from the author’s experience with thousands of clients over the years. The book explains that a “myth” is a part truth that becomes accepted as fully true. It is the part that is not true that concerns the author, and is usually overlooked by the investor who all too often will jump into things before fully understanding them.

After reading this book the average person will be able to review their own portfolio and find many areas of concern that were previously overlooked. Dan Wyson, CFP® is unique in his ability to put complex problems into very simple and entertaining terms, so that all who read will find their understanding of their investments greatly improved.

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