An Investment Program for All

Due to the economic realities of running a professional investment firm, financial advisors often turn away clients who do not meet certain financial minimums. This practice leaves many who would benefit from good financial advice to fend for themselves. At Wyson Financial we have a solution.

If you have been turned down because you have been told you don’t have enough assets, our NextGen program may be right for you. This program is specifically designed for:

Individuals with less than $250,000 to invest
Younger or beginning investors
Children of clients who want to be prepared for future inheritances

NextGen Clients will:

Work with an Associate Advisor who operates under the direction of one of the senior members of our team
Invest using our proprietary 4 pillar model
Have access to investment advice appropriate to their situation
Learn to build your nest egg and prepare for an independent retirement
Prepare a financial plan, and then work with your advisor to follow it
Benefit from the resources and experience of the whole Wyson Financial team

At Wyson Financial we believe all investors can benefit from professional advice, but those with smaller accounts may have a difficult time finding advisors who will work with them. By working with one of our in-house associate advisors, clients will have the ability to benefit from the high-level management of the Wyson Financial team, while having a first line of contact for their individual needs. In this manner, the client will have resources to help them build their investment portfolio and develop their lifelong financial plan. As the client account grows they will gain access to additional investment resources.

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